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What is

We are a team of experts from different industries. The Repositioning provides coaching and education to professionals and starters in their respective fields. If you don't know the next step on your journey, we are here to help.

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What we do


Learn only from true experts in your industry


You will be supported with knowledge and experience

Goal Setting

We will help you build and reach your targets

Who is

Antoine Turner

Antoine is a professional coach and an expert in business and investments. He is an entrepreneur who's not afraid to take risks in new and emerging opportunities. Antoine has helped many people who are new and building their foundation.

First I wanna give Praise to the Almighty God for placing this God-fearing man in my life. He has been a spiritual inspiration in my life. His love for God is unwavering. He's more than family, he's a spiritual counselor, he can lead and guide you with sound scriptures that can help you in everyday life. His wisdom and knowledge of the Word is impeccable. When you need spiritual direction I recommend you speak with Minister Antoine Turner

- Gwendolyn Sellers

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